At Position : Global, we realize the importance of paying it forward.  We are fortunate to share our success with two causes that we have identified as being worthwhile places to support.  One is the arts, the other is our wounded veterans.

Oracle Productions

Oracle Productions (online at provides admission-free theatre in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood for any and all comers.  They do this through corporate sponsorships as well as what they call “The Forty 4”.

Oracle consistently stages consistently Jeff-nominated and critically acclaimed mainstage shows that seamlessly weave multimedia elements throughout the production. In addition to making theatre available for free in their space, they take their productions into the community to nursing homes or others who cannot come to the theatre themselves.

Their motto is simple:  “We make art.  We make it free.  You make it yours.”

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Counts As of 1/1/13As the war in Iraq comes to an end and the war in Afghanistan enters its final year or so, the number of brave men and women returning who are suffering mentally or physically is heartbreaking.  From people coping with PTSD or depression to learning to walk or talk all over again from traumatic brain injuries or amputations, many families are unable to cope with the emotional and financial stresses it places upon them.


Wounded Warrior Project was founded in 2003 and addresses the mental and physical needs of these warriors and their families and caregivers and focuses on helping them find employment and a role in civilian life.  As of their last audited report in 2011, a whopping 82.8% of their expenditures went to provided services and programs.

We are proud of this organization and what they stand for and encourage you to support them as well.

Children International

For more than 75 years, Children International has been providing critical assistance to children and families struggling in terrible poverty. Our centrally located community centers, from which our dedicated in-country staffs operate, provide resources, programs and services that allow us to reduce the burden of poverty on impoverished children and youth, invest in their potential and provide them with opportunities to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

International Trade Education Programs

International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) is a Southern California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides brighter futures. Through partnerships with ports, transportation, logistics, and related industries, ITEP prepares high school students for diverse career opportunities in high-growth job sectors. We develop innovative programs that integrate internships and career mentoring with the curriculum of high schools throughout Southern California. Volunteers from local businesses offer students the insights, skills, and confidence to thrive in the growing economy. Students build context between their studies and the real world through hands-on learning and carry that experience with them into the workplace.