Position : Global is a proud agency partner of Oktopost, a leading provider of business to business services for social media marketing lead generation, management and analytics.

Using Oktopost, P : G’s clients can utilize a variety of platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to create and manage campaigns, capture analytics and easily allow employees to share and promote content on the company’s behalf.

Oktopost also offers integration with leading CRM and analytics platforms such as Net-Results, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others to help provide additional prospect and lead scoring and analytics as prospects move through the sales funnel.

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Early in 2016, Position : Global became an agency partner of Net-Results for clients who need a platform that does more than send and collect analytics on e-mail campaigns.

Net-Results allows P : G to upload contact lists and segregate them and create email campaigns, track content interaction and automate the sales process.

Imagine if your sales teams were told when prospects were interacting with your content after being sent a series of email communications and their actions were “scored” through their opens, click-throughs, form completions and downloads.

Enter Net-Results. Working with Net-Results, we can create nurture and drip campaigns that tell your sales teams who is paying attention, when they are reading and even better, how much they want to become your customer by the actions they take.

Net Results Marketing Automation

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