Challenge is founded by professionals with a lifetime of experience on both the software and provider sides of the international supply chain. With DNA that hails from Fountainhead, the earliest foundation of the Cargowise platform and from such well-known logistics companies as Barthco, OHL and Vandegrift, aren’t new to logistics.

They have a goal to provide connectivity solutions for logistics service providers, the software companies who drive their businesses and the shippers who utilize the services of both. Looking to the future, they see the future opportunities in AI, blockchain and predictive analytics to help take the terabytes of data that companies aggregate about their supply chain and find patterns to help predict future successes and opportunities.

P : G has aided in the development of their new website and other collateral items as folders, a trade show booth, press releases and press relations and creating networking opportunities throughout our network.

Solution are a new company who despite the crowded field of people looking to be “the Uber of this” or “remove the middleman” of that, don’t fall into any of those buckets. They are a company founded with the goal to help logistics providers be better, to help software companies offer greater connectivity to the burgeoning number of devices and data points and finally to provide shippers who look back through their supply chains and sales some visibility and predicability moving into forward-looking quarters and years.


The CTA is quick and apparent of what they do, the industry they operate in and the people they serve.

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They're a tech company, right? So showing things off to people in a mobile setting is integral - hence the ease of navigation to places like the internal pages that show the three main offerings to clients.

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With an ever-expanding customer base, they need to also be telling candidates that they're hiring. We created a jobs page that lets them list the jobs available and make it quick and easy for candidates to make contact.

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