In 1962, Theodore Mittelstaedt, Armando Galaviz and Gary Mylin founded a Customs brokerage and freight forwarding company whose core belief was to provide US importers and exporters with a high degree of service.

With a business rooted in commodities such as meat and other perishables, there were many moving parts to keeping the cargo moving without delay and in compliance with US and foreign laws.

Today, Messrs. Galaviz and Mylin have passed away, but Ted Mittelstaedt and his son, Edward, are both engaged in the leadership of the company.


A referral from fellow P:G client GMS International, MG&M did not have a website prior to this, however Ed Mittelstaedt knew the importance of it to his business. Their site is one that has a very exciting and interesting design, including how P:G managed the interior pages about their commodities and services. We also created the brand mark and logo for the name.


A brand-new website was created to establish a digital presence for Mittelstaedt, Galaviz & Mylin, Inc.

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