AMI, a Menzies Aviation Company, operates around the world. AMI’s focus is to be the world’s largest neutral wholesaler of air freight capacity to the freight forwarding community. In addition to the traditional airport-to-airport rates, AMI has pooled the global buying power of their customers to create a product that offers those global freight forwarders the means to offer express services for documents, envelopes and small parcels. This service is available for import, export and third country services around the globe through a web-based portal that forwarders can access to get rates and book shipments. Quick2Ship also affords companies the opportunity private-label a portal for their clients to book their own shipments.


To promote this product to their US audience, Quick2Ship retained Position : Global to develop a simple website that meets AMI’s global corporate brand standards to relay this message.

Position : Global developed and delivered this site and also provides monthly marketing services including writing news articles for the site, conducting surveys and managing e-mail campaigns to grow the product in awareness and use.


The homepage is dominated by a large image and icon navigation, guiding the user through the content on the site. As the page is scrolled, an additional navigation appears from the top of the page, keeping the most important information at users' fingertips.

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Mobile users have a similar experience, with a traditional hamburger expanding menu to allow for navigation and a similar scrolling homepage.

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