Scarbrough International is a full service logistics provider begun in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1984. They now have four offices throughout the Midwest and one in Shanghai to serve their customers who do business in Asia. Scarbrough had an older, Flash-based site with dozens of pages of content that was disorganized, unindexed and not customer-focused.


Working with them, we updated their logo brand, retaining the scripted ā€œSā€ but putting their name in a new font. We also built a site that serves as the centerpiece for their digital efforts of content, customer tools and access to their client facing tracking and reporting systems.

The site, and Scarbrough’s social media presence, are managed most excellently by Kim Taylor their Marketing Director. She deserves a tremendous amount of credit for taking what P:G built and growing it by adding additional channels as well as video, webcasts and more. She is a tremendous executive in her field.

As time passed, P:G has helped expand the site’s content and layout. In 2015, Scarbrough made an acquisition that gave them offices along the southern border and in Mexico. Scarbrough provided Spanish-language translations of their key static pages for services and leadership and P:G deployed mirror pages, complete with Spanish-language specific SEO, when the time came to take it live after the acquisition was announced.


The Scarbrough site is extensive, featuring unique landing pages for each of the offered services as well as several unique programs to Scarbrough's brand, such as Scarbrough University.
The site is also multi-language, available in Spanish and English.

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Mobile users can search, track, and view all content from the live site. Spanish-language pages are searchable and visible from mobile.

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Scott Case and his team at Position : Global are very knowledgable and working with them is a pleasure. His nearly two decades of industry experience contributed significantly to design and content throughout the whole process. The new site is a key part of our Customer Experience Initiative we are undertaking and it will continue to evolve and add functionality over time.

Jeannie Scarbrough - President, COO
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