Position : Global succeeds because of the collaborative work of a team of professionals who understand logistics and supply chain and are talented writers, designers, developers and social media experts. Position : Global knows that your company or association has a core business and set of values that must clearly be explained and promoted to your interested audience. We hope that you trust that the people featured below have your best interests in mind and are the right people to represent your company, association, brand or organization.

Scott Case

Scott Case is Founder and Chief Storyteller for Position : Global. In addition to these core competencies, Scott’s extensive experience with IT, global, national and local public speaking events and more than two decades as a licensed Customs broker and freight forwarder uniquely permit him to consult and advise on a range of topics.

Scott is a graduate of Northwestern University in 1993 with degrees in Political Science and German Studies, a language in which he is conversationally fluent. He received his Custom broker’s license in 1994 and has traveled extensively to Asia, Europe and South America to meet with partners, customers and manufacturers.

A highly sought-after public speaker who has presented to audiences around the world, Scott has presented to importers, exporters, students, peers, government officials and general audiences on a variety of topics. Whether educating his peers on the importance of marketing, branding and social media usage to the growth of their businesses or discussing the nuts and bolts of a global supply chain, Scott is an interesting and thought-provoking speaker who gives all attendees a takeaway for their own lives or businesses.

Scott Case

Erin Avant

Erin Avant is a graduate of Colombia College Chicago with an MA in International Business.

A Chicago native with 15 years experience in logistics and fluency in four foreign languages, she began her career as an expeditor with Dole Fresh Fruit Purchasing, in Gulfport, MS. She has worked on both the shipper and forwarder side of the supply chain, eventually taking over the Chicago division of Nobel Cargo Systems, a highly specialized Brazilian forwarder after a short stint as a grant writer for NASA.

Understanding her tenure is the result of a happy accident, she freely admits that she never would have thought about the logistics profession, but her parents refused to allow her to attend a college to major in philosophy because, in their words, she could wander the streets in a bathrobe arguing with people for free. After surviving the polar vortex of 2014, she decided to relocate further south and focus on technical writing for logistics professionals, finally marrying her best friend of almost a decade. She’s written two novels, maintains a pop fiction, short story blog and has petitioned her local animal shelter to just give in and allow her to open a tab.

Lorand Coc

Lorand Coc is a self taught graphic designer from Romania, specializing in logo design. He has a background loaded with identity and marketing design projects and works best under the gun. He has been in business for over six years. He spent four of them freelancing and has won multiple design contests. Now he’s responsible for developing and creating both digital and print designs for a wide range of print and online advertising and publications.

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time cultivating his drawing and painting skills and trying not to be the worst bowling player in the family.

Lorand Coc is a freelance Romanian designer who does work for Position : Global.

Olya Lebedyeva

Olya Lebedyeva is a perpetual student with unexplained passion for logistics and airplanes. After moving to Chicago nearly 19 years ago from Ukraine, Olya spent her time learning all ins and outs at O’Hare. During her American life, she has spent years on the carrier side while working her way up from an import clerk to the Midwest Sales Manager, the youngest at the company at that time. Following a stint at SAS, she moved on to the sales agencies that helped her understand airlines strategy and thought process. Finally, after joining AMI and leading procurement, product development and marketing, Olya decided it was her time to get her MBA.

A Northwestern graduate with a degree in Organizational Behavior, she completed her MBA in May 2016. She also holds several certificates in Negotiation Strategies and Strategic Management and genuinely hoping that one day her family will let her back to school to obtain a Doctorate degree.

Olya’s strong analytical skills and ability to think outside the box and see the “big picture” allowed her to understand that in this age, data rules the world. Companies, especially those in the logistics field, could benefit from her skills. She joined the P : G team in March, 2017 and is managing internal project deadlines as well as external client relations. She will be integral to the long term strategy and market planning for clients who have retained P : G on an extended basis.

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